Friday, November 30, 2007

Episode #13!

Hello!! New show this week!

1. Donato Racciati y Nina Miranda - La Novena
2. Blue Jar - Tango Por Una Cabeza - (I found this on the podsafe music network. If you want to hear more or purchase music from this artist, you can go to their site.)
3. Juan Darienzo - La Payanca
4. Romashka - Tayna, The Secret Tango - (this song I found on the podsafe music network.) You can buy this song as a download on their site.)

Break: Information about local world and ethnic music store Timbuktunes.
background music by Nino Rota. The song is called Prova de Orchestra.

5. Francisco Canaro - SoƱar y Nada Mas
6. Mandragora Tango w/Sima Shumalevsky - Ochie Chornie
7. Palm Court Tango Project - Tico Tico
8. Los Tubatango - Alma de Bohemio

See you the week after next!

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