Friday, November 16, 2007

Episode #12

This week I had no news to impart - and I have a really sore throat so it's a short show today! The last song in the show is actually a song that I recorded from an old film featuring Sabina Olmos. You can find that song from a filmclip on YouTube!

1. Lonjazos - Carlos Acuña con Orquesta Rodolfo Biaggi
El Choclo - Angel Villoldo
3. Viva el Candombe Negro - Tango Negro Trio

El Esquinazo - Angel Villoldo

Podcast promo for
Baba the Storyteller. A really cool site you should check out! If you enjoy audio books, online novels or good fiction written or told well you'll probably like this podcast! I enjoy it myself.

Tomo y Obligo - Carlos Gardel
Melodia de Arrabal - Carlos Gardel
Bandoneon Tango Muchachita del Campo - Sabina Olmos (taken from film clip)

The name of the film is called La Rubia del Camino

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