Friday, December 7, 2007

Amestoy Trio: Le Fil

Do you like French Musette music? Whenever I hear chanson or musette I feel like sitting in a cafe sipping a coffee and watching people go by. Musette is fun, pleasant and lively and puts you in a light mood!

The Amestoy Trio 's Le fil is a wonderful album that incorporates samba and tango with French Musette making for a light, lively album. The group hails from France. Much of the music on this album reminds me of my French Cafe album from Putomayo. You might want to preview that one as well - another gem full of great French music! Preview this album by the Amestoy Trio here on the blog on the player to the right - trust me, you'll want to purchase it! If you do, purchase it from Calabash Music and support independent artists!

And sit down and have a coffee and enjoy!