Friday, October 19, 2007

Episode #10

This entire episode is dedicated to the Uruguayan tango vocalist Vayo Raimondo. Vayo has created his own songs and compositions with his own distinctive style; the authentic vocal tango known and sung in Uruguay. With a rich, deep voice he is able to carry any song with either great drama, somber lyricism or even with light hearted style. These songs come from his album At The Edge of Night (Al Filo de la Noche).

Here is the play list for episode #10:

1. Cosas Olvidadas
2. Candombe of My Life

3. El Retorno

News: Aside from finding great world music from you can download free music from their typepad blogsite. The title of the blog is called
Tune Your world. Lots of free music available there. There is also a link to the blog on the sidebar to the right!

My new blog, Urban Outside will be launched at the end of October. Urban Outside will feature independent pop, hiphop and electronica artists. Coming soon!

The song used in the background during the news break is Roll On Mississippi by the Boswell Sisters.

4. Francesca

5. Travestido
6. Sublime

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Hope you enjoy the show!