Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Episode #5

Most of the songs in this week's episode are from Fado singer Anamar. Tracks #2-8 are from her album Transfado. You can buy her album at There is also a video at Magnatune of Anamar in concert.


1. Imperio Argentina - "Alma de Bandoneon" (1931)
2. Anamar - "Eu Nao Sabia" (Album: Transfado)
3. "So Ana"
4. "Vou Num Rio"

News background music - Boswell Sisters - "Roll On Mississippi, Roll On"
Featured artist: Anamar. Album: Transfado.

5. "Ovelha Negra"
6. "O Pobre"
7. "Mare Cheia"
8. "Independente"
Carlos Gardel - "Malevaje"

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