Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Anamar: Transfado

Hopefully by tomorrow a new episode will be out. I know that this podcast focuses on old music but please forgive me if every now and then I showcase modern artists. My collection of old music is extremely small right now and I won't be able to really get into the older songs until I start working again in September. In the summer money is always low and I'm in the beginning process of building my tango music library.

So. . . .
This week's episode showcases the singer Anamar. Anamar resides in Portugal and she is a fado music artist. Fado is Portuguese musical style and transfado is a blending of Portuguese, Afro and Latin musical styles. The artist herself says that transfado is: "Fado with a Latin and Afro mood, blended with Tango, Milonga, Morna, Rumba, Habanera... pleasure. Vibrant songs. Theatrical impact. Deep voice. Piano, double bass and portuguese guitar."

Some of the strongest elements blended with transfado is Tango and Milonga and that is why I chose to Anamar's music for this particular show. Transfado is also the name of her current album. I'll be playing songs from this album this week and I hope you enjoy it. You can find more information about this artist and her CD at Magnatune.

You can also go to the Magnatune site and see a video of Anamar live in concert.



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Thanks! Feel free to enjoy the podcast too!