Saturday, July 4, 2009

Episode #36

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Here is the last show for 2008 of Tango Eternal! I will have the playlist tomorrow! Enjoy the show and sorry about being missing in action for so long!Work and all, you know!

July, 2009 -

Haha, I forgot to write the playlist, such a bad girl but here it is folks, sorry about the long delay. I've had a lot of crazy stuff happening:

1. El Niño Jacinto - Roberto Firpo y Su Orquesta Tipica
2. Que Falta Que Me Haces - Miguel Calo y Su Orquesta Tipica
3. Nuits Du Brésil - Louise Ferrari and his Orchestra

Break: Background music by Roll On Mississippi, Roll On by The Boswell Sisters

4. La Novena - Donato Racciatti y Nina Miranda
5. Misteriosa - Quinteto Agusto
6. Fumando Espero - Carlos Gardel

There it is!