Sunday, May 25, 2008

Episode #24

Here is this week's show!


1. Afiche - Adriana Varela
2. La Melodia De Nuestro Adios - Francisco J. Lomuto & his Tipica Orchestra
3. The Secret Tango - Romashka Tayna

Break: Scotchcast podcast promo. It's a podcast all about Scotch! Check it out! A handful of quality tango albums that you might want to look into purchasing can be found on CD It's list of great, top selling tango music albums that should be in the collection of any tango music lover's music library! Check them out! The background music is called Uam Uam by Povo.

4. Lonjazos - Carlos Acuña con Orqesta y Rodolfo Biaggi
5. Pourquoi Quand Je Te Dis _Je T'Ai - Don Alfredo & his Marimba Orchestra

Enjoy the show!