Sunday, April 6, 2008

Astor Piazolla: Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Episode #21

The DVD film concert series featuring Astor Pizazolla is truly an historic concert. It is said that Astor Piazolla gave tango the feeling of "sad reflection which dances," a new and universal dimension, through compositions and performances of high quality and unquestionable originality. Astor certainly was original and a tianic figure in tango music, ushering in a modern tango style. I think you'll enjoy this concert series and you can order a copy for yourself as well as many other wonderful CDs, soundtracks, filmscores and DVDs at You can get signed up on their mailing list to get timely information on new releases. You can also purchase the DVD on

Now, on to this week's playlist:

1. Adios Muchachos - Florindo Sassone y Su Orquesta
2. Tengo Miedo - Vayo
3. Margarita De Agosto - Raul Garello y Su Gran Orquesta

Break: Baba the Storyteller: Timeless Tales. Check it out!

4. Fumando Espero -
Carlos Gardel
5. Pachita - Robert Renard & His Orchestra
6. Romanesca - Jens Warny & His Orchestra

Enjoy the show!