Sunday, September 16, 2007

Worth Your Time

These are some of my favorite sites related to tango:

1. Tango Smoothouse
An old tango blog that seems to have been forgotten. It hasn't been updated since 2006. However there is a sizable collection of great mp3s to be found there. Some of them have broken links but many still work. Feel free to download music and enjoy.

2. Tango Wear
A nice little online store that sells beautiful tango dancing shoes. The background song playing is La Trampera, one of my favorites!

Calabash Music is one of the best online music stores for world music. That includes finding tango music. There is a wide variety of tango, tango-related music and tango roots music to be found here. You can preview and download music from here or embed one of their players on your own site for others to preview.

4. Todo Tango
One of the best satellite websites to find information on the history, artists, music or anything else you want on tango and the culture that surrounds it. An excellent and beautifully designed site full of invaluable information. You can also find rare and very old recordings on CD through this site as well. You can read it in Spanish or English.

5. Gardel Web
For those who are big fans of Carlos Gardel, or just interested in the look and feel of very old photographs, this site showcases Gardel in photos made before 1900 when he was a child, and older photos of him throughout his life.

6. Radio Criolla
This is the very station that encouraged me to start my own podcast. This Live365 music station plays old tangos, all of the time. The gentleman that produces this station also plays old time radio shows in between songs. Radio Criolla specializes in very old and hard to find recordings. Definitely worth checking out! Like I've said, this is the station that inspired me to create my own tango music podcast.


Therese said...

Hi there, Tango Lover!

Just wanted to say thank you for uploading our music player on your site. - I came by your site today and totally loved it. Therefor I added your link to our site. Check it out on the right, scroll down, under Music Blogs. Calabash Music's blog & Free Songs here!!

You want upload our link to, you are more than welcome! - This way your tango lovers will get to explore more tango, and our tango Fans & Musicians will have a chance to find you and your information as well.

vargas said...

Hey! Thanks a lot for visiting! It's always wonderful when people come by the site! Thanks for the link, it's greatly appreciated! I will be sure to upload your link as well and mention you on my next show!