Friday, July 27, 2007

Episode #4

Here it is, episode #4. There is a mistake that I made in the show that I want to clarify here. I mistakenly mentioned that there would be a show next week. The next show will air the week after next. I still haven't decided whether or not this will become a weekly show or remain a bi-weekly show. I'll know for certain this coming fall.


1. Viva el Candombe Negro - Tango Negro Trio
2. Buenos Aires Hora Cera - Orquesta Tanguedia
3. Flor de Montserrat - Rodolfo Biogi y Su Orquesta Tipica
4. Chau Paris - Astor Piazollo

News break information: Hot Jazz Club Quartet's latest cd, Django Lives. Background song: Little Demon - Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

5. Sus ojos se Cerreron - Carlos Gardel
6. Raphsodia de Tangos - Radio Belgrano (1952) featuring Sabina Olmos
7. Old Man River
- Hot Club Jazz Quartet

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