Sunday, July 8, 2007

Episode #3

This episode was really late and for that I'm sorry! I had some things come up and so I wasn't able to get around to getting this out until today but - here it is!


1. Michelangelo 70 - Astor Piazollo A piece heavily influenced by Western Art music, like much of Piazollo's music in general. Modern.
2. El Apache Argentino - Los Muchachos de Antes Milonga, 1920's style.
3. El Nino Jacinto - Roberto Firpo
Milonga candombe (candombe is influenced by African music and rhythmic styles). 1910's style.
4. Flor de Monserrat - Rodolfo Biagi w/orchestra
Candombe, 1930's style.
5. Criollita deci que si - Carlos Gardel
6. Que Falta Que Me Haces - Miguel Calo
Tango Cancion, 1940's style.
7. La Trampera - Walter Rios and Ricardo Dominguez
Milonga, contemporary style.

The song that I play at the beginning and the end of all episodes is an old, simpler version of Yira, Yira, sung by Carlos Gardel. I also have a version with him singing this song with a bigger orchestra. Hope you enjoy the show!

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